SANA Awards 2016



Horticulture in the Free State is richer for having someone like him. His passion has led to the development of one of the most successful garden centres in Bloemfontein. A popular, yet quiet individual, not only in the region but across SANA.

He has served on the SANA EXCO as a regional chairman and in recent years has served as the Free State GCA chairman. Always available with advice and counsel to young SANA, his continued support to our Association and Free State horticulture is without question.
This award recognizes his contribution to an industry he has helped to build and continues to do so every day.



This friendly gentleman is a true custodian of the industry.  A supporter of SANA with high standards and principles which he passes onto the younger generation subtly.  He is an honest individual and has a true enthusiastic love for the outdoors.  He is success driven and if you are lucky to be his friend he is a genuine one.  He leads a well-balanced life and passes on his acquired knowledge to the less fortunate freely.  He is hard working and you will always find him on the floor of one of his nurseries, driving a truck to Nelspruit or grafting on the farm.


Peter van Niekerk

Serving as GCA Cape Chairman for a number of years he has helped SANA to grow in the region and build relationships between the Members of the Cape. His award winning garden centres inspire fellow retailers and continue to lead the way in innovation and progressive retail horticulture. Whether hosting the 2007 delegates of the IGCA Congress or on numerous SANA and GCA bus tours his enthusiasm for our industry is contagious and is a positive image for our industry.
This service award recognizes his contribution to SANA over the years, currently and definitely in the future.


Trevor Gouws

Trevor has been playing an active role in SANA activities over the past years, especially in the Central region. He is also a member of the Marketing Committee and is actively involved in the committee and is communicating SANA marketing information, especially within our company.

He is a regular attendant of the SANA Convention as well as SANA Trade Fair.
Trevor is always willing to get involved and assist with SANA matters.



Charl Griffioen

I nominate Charl Griffioen for a Merit Award.
Culterra is a longstanding supportive member of the Green Industry well lead by Charl Griffioen.
Charl is a loyal supporter of the Sponsorship Programme and is currently a Diamond Sponsor.
Charl attends most of the Fundraising Events and always attends Congress.
He supports the Trade Fairs and always generously donates product for the Show Grounds, be it compost, lawn dressing or fertilizer.
Charl is always willing to help or give advice on industry related matters and therefore warrants a Merit Award.



Shawn Soal

Shawn Soal has been involved with SANA for a number of years – supporting the association through Sponsorship, Trade Days and Conventions.
Shawn continuously sees the value in SANA and has built long lasting relationships within the Green Trade over a +- 17 year period. Shawn has established a successful business that has a strong garden trade footprint within the industry.
Not only is Shawn passionate about the Green Industry but he also shows enormous dedication and commitment to Waterhouse of which he has lead a team to achieve greatness year on year. Shawn values good conversations, honesty and a supportive network.
Looking back on Shawn’s overall commitment, support and dedication to the green industry & community, I would like to nominate him for the Merit Award.